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About Me

My Philosophy

Hi, I’m Lindsay Young. I’m an RHN (registered holistic nutritionist). This wesbite is devoted to my services as a nutritionist, and my love for nutrient dense, functional food. I'm convinced that good nutrition is a huge part of medicine and one of the most important factors of good health. My health has everything to do with my relationship with food. As I’ve grown up I’ve become hungry for an understanding on how food impacts myself and others. Because of how good my food choices make me feel, I seek to create similar food environments in other’s lives. There’s no such thing as depriving yourself when you alter your relationship with food. There’s no such thing as a diet when we work together. 



To schedule an appointment, reach out to me via e-mail. All consultations are done via Zoom from wherever you may be in the world. I always offer a free 20 minute consult before charging for any services.



Citrus & Mint Vinaigrette


Bad news: most store-bought salad dressings use a canola or vegetable oil base. Swapping these store bought options for homemade can decrease your inflammatory omega 6 intake and increase your anti-inflammatory omega 3 intake.


Functional Food

Learn how food combining, the awareness of specific nutrient pairings or cooking techniques affect your health. My recipes are designed to serve a larger purpose in your diet.