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Ten reasons to make an appointment:

  • Frequent or occasional heartburn/ acid reflux

  • Experiencing difficulty going to the washroom every day

  • Dips in energy mid-day

  • “I just can’t lose these last 10 pounds”

  • Bloating, pain or gas after meals

  • Severe PMS, irregular or absent periods

  • Having trouble falling or staying asleep

  • IBS, IBD, crohns or colitis

  • Suspecting you have a food allergy or intolerance

  • Difficulty getting pregnant




  Have you been diagnosed with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, a thyroid disorder, hypertension, diabetes or hypoglycemia? Have you been given a vague diet protocol from your family doctor, and would like some assistance navigating an entirely new diet and lifestyle?

This is exactly what I can do for you - plus provide motivation, encouragement and education while you make crucial changes to your life.


During a nutrition consultation, we:

Speak in depth about your family history, your relationship with food all the way back to your childhood (and even earlier, sometimes), your current and desired measurements including blood pressure and cholesterol, your lifestyle and current food habits. I gather a lot of information about you to give you the most precise care, which is why the initial consultation should take around 60 minutes. There are many facets to your unique experience and history that I need to consider as a nutritionist before designing a protocol. My approach to nutrition is based on holism - treating a person as a whole and taking into account lifestyle, social, mental and preventative factors as opposed to simply the physical symptoms that accompany imbalance.

What you get: Working with me, you’ll have access to software that allows you to track your food, water, movement and mood via your mobile or your desktop. Your protocol, including recipes, recommendations, tips, and more - all available to you in one convenient spot 24/7. You can expect to receive weekly recipes and recommendations from me while we work together. Rather than a rigid meal plan that leaves little flexibility for you to go with the flow, my protocols give you the tools to make your own educated choices, and delicious recipes for inspiration. I never reproduce meal plans: they are incredibly catered towards YOU! But on top of the nutrition recommendations, I also provide you with daily water goals, exercise objectives, access to my recipes plus hundreds of other delicious and healthy recipes, supplement recommendations, daily motivation from me, and more!

Personally, I feel that working with a client for at least 2 months is most beneficial to both myself and your goals. Prices are based on how many consultations you feel you need, but because I’ve found 3 sessions to be most successful, I’ve set up a discount for you!

If you’re not local to the Kelowna area, that’s no problem at all: we can meet via Zoom, a video conferencing service!



Initial consultation (60-90 minutes): $150

Follow up: $75

Package of 1 initial + 2 follow ups: $240 (20% discount)


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