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post-pill hormonal diet design

I know you’ve lost your sense of self. I know you’re afraid to come off hormonal birth control or that you’re at the mercy of your painful period or cystic acne. I know you are because I was, too.

This plan is perfect if you:

  • Are scared to come off birth control pills

  • Have experienced persistent acne, crippling PMS, irregular periods

  • Want to become pregnant OR want to become in tune with your body as a natural means of preventing pregnancy

  • Have low libido


A 3-month protocol with one-on-one support, plenty of hormone balancing recipes, access to an online food & lifestyle journal to track your progress, weekly motivation, supplement recommendations & discounts, and access to your protocol forever.



diet design

The initial consultation between us is quite lengthy: between 60 to 90 minutes. This is because we’re catching up on a lifetime of eating, illnesses, family history, etc. It’s such an important consultation to have because it’s an opportunity to take inventory of all the factors that may be at play which led up to now. Whether you’re coming to a nutritionist for a detailed meal plan or help with health ailments, we can figure out a protocol that works for you.



subsequent follow-ups

An important opportunity for us to touch base on your current protocol, any suggested adjustments, additional symptoms or information.



gut healing diet design

Coming soon