Immunity Cocktails


I wanted to share with you some really healthy, even immune enhancing and antioxidant rich options for parties, holidays or gatherings. Not only are these cocktails easy and delicious, they are refined sugar free. I personally really dislike sweet cocktail drinks. Mixing lots of sugar and alcohol affects both blood sugar and the liver. I hope you'll enjoy these  refined sugar free options! They have a delicate sweetness teeming with the natural flavours that come from teas, berries, and kombucha.


number 1

Tropical Mint

You'll need:

2 Wize Monkey tea bags (one mint, one mango)
Approximately 2 cups storebought or homemade kombucha (one bottle if storebought)
Manuka honey
Optional: coconut flavoured rum


First, brew the iced tea. Brew the tea bags in hot water, filling a pitcher about 1/3 of the way. Let the bags steep for 10 minutes or so. The wonderful thing about coffee leaf tea is that the leaves never get bitter, like black or green tea is susceptible to with prolonged steeping. Thus you can extract more of the flavour without any bitterness in the tea. Remove bags and fill pitcher the rest of the way with ice.

In a cocktail shaker, add one part iced tea, one part kombucha, 1 oz coconut rum, 1 tsp manuka honey, and ice. Shake and pour!



number 2


Elderberry Mimosa

You'll need:

Flora Elderberry Crystals
Manuka honey


To make the elderberry mixture, boil filtered water and add 10-12 scoops of elderberry crystals into a pitcher. Treat this like iced tea in that you want to fill the pitcher 1/3 of the way with hot water, then the remainder with ice. 

In a cocktail shaker, add one part elderberry crystals, one part kombucha, and one part champagne (or sparkling wine). Add ice, 1 tsp manuka honey, shake, and pour!