about lindsay

Hello and nice to meet you! I'm Lindsay Young, hence the name ‘Eat Young Nutrition’. Let me tell you about my infatuation with healthy food!

My background in nutrition began in a dietetics program at The University of Western Ontario. Three years in, I decided that being a dietitian wasn’t for me, and enrolled in the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. I’m now a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, CAHN Pro member, and have been consulting since 2017. Since then, I felt inspired to share my education over Instagram. In my studies and personal experience, I value the approach of holism and functional nutrition. Holism is the foundation of my first certificate in holistic nutrition. Holistic nutritionists look at the whole of illness and imbalance rather than focusing on symptoms and/or quick fixes. I aim to educate my clients on the functional properties of whole foods and their applications in the diet, and finally how to value nutrition as part of our lives for as long as we live. So, I’m kind of trying to marry people to food.


I grew up in Ontario and moved to British Columbia in 2014 to be closer to my family who moved one year prior. I currently live in Kelowna, BC, Canada and oh my gosh, it’s one of the sunniest and most beautiful places I’ve ever been.

I love getting active in the sun as much as I can, planning adventures with my loving boyfriend and his (my inherited) dog, and soaking in the amazing wine culture of the Okanagan valley. Yes I’m a nutritionist, but you can’t live here without trying the wine!

My journey around food hasn’t been wholly pleasant. In my high school years I found myself in the depths of an eating disorder fueled by insecurity. It wasn’t something I could explain with a diagnosis. My weight fluctuated, but my parents nor my therapist at the time ever confronted me about it, and because I felt ashamed I never spoke about it. I used food as a weapon against myself, and restriction as an accolade. So when I began exploring the concept of health and nutrition I felt like I’d finally opened my eyes, and I finally felt good on a daily basis. My periods stabilized, I had no digestive issues, and I loved how healthy food tasted.


Tangled up in our sense of identity is our relationship to food, and I find this so fascinating because of how differently I see food as a young adult in comparison to an adolescent or a teenager. The single constant that has shifted in regards to that relationship is learning. Once I learned the basics of digestion, or how nutrients, vitamins, minerals, macro nutrients, polyphenols, antioxidants etc assimilated and used in our bodies (a topic that never ceases to grow), I couldn’t ignore my body’s signals any longer.

I’m not a dieter, I’m not going to promote trends, I don’t like cutting out whole subcategories of food, and I don’t label my diet. I’m just not that type of nutritionist and that’s something you should know about me right off the bat.

I’m a nutritionist who will always attempt food first, and supplementation or other avenues if necessary. I’m a nutritionist who believes that every single human being is so unique that one diet or one approach will never solve everyone’s problems. I’m a nutritionist who will problem solve with you, motivate you, and ultimately let you be the change you need in your life.


As a holistic nutritionist I will never diagnose you. I’ve been trained in the art of whole food diets and that’s my main focus when we work together.


Cultivating a reality in which we show value to our bodies through thoughtful, purpose driven eating